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Be a hero for bipolar patients, psychiatrists, and your company earnings.

Become an exclusive distributor of Deplesin® in your country and get ready to win.

How much time has passed since your company launched a novel product in psychiatry?

It can be stressful to lose your competitive edge because of lack of innovation, but developing every product in-house, to keep your company relevant, can be risky and very expensive.

Business Meeting Innovative Product

Without a new, innovative product in your CNS portfolio, your company may:

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Lose its competitive edge

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Be perceived as old-fashioned

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Miss out on increased revenue opportunities

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Risk a competitor in-licensing Deplesin® first


Be the hero you are meant to be.

Imagine launching Deplesin® and being the only one to provide a product that directly addresses side effects associated with pharmacological treatment.

Selling products which help bipolar patients and their psychiatrists reduce stressful side effects will add real, tangible value to your business.

You and your sales force will stand out from the crowd, while significantly increasing your net revenues.


In-licensing opportunity
Bipolar Disorder Market

Adding significant revenue to your balance sheet

Being the 1st company in your country to address an important unmet clinical need

Standing out from the crowd with innovation

With Deplesin®, you can.

Trust Deplesin® as a product and us as a partner.

out-licensing and in-licensing

The Lo.Li. Pharma Group has been developing and commercializing products containing inositol in Italy for over 15 years, so we know that the cost of sales and product development is a huge expense burden.


As world leaders in inositol scientific research, we will be your trusted partners when launching Deplesin® to your own psychiatrist customers.

Take your company to the next level in 3 simple steps:

1- In-licensing opportunity

Request a non-confidential product profile.

Understand why Deplesin® is a game-changer, and assess if you’d like to be the first and only company bringing this innovative product to your local market.

2- Partnership disussions

Schedule an in-depth product review session.

Initiate partnership discussions and analysis, starting with an in-depth review of the market and supporting clinical data.

3- Distribution agreement

Execute an exclusive agreement and win.

Develop and execute an equitable partnership agreement.
Remain competitive while increasing incremental revenue and net profit.

Central Nervous System

Stand out from the crowd,

Nobody should have to spend millions in new product development to be successful, but standing out from the masses in the crowded CNS market can be a struggle.

By partnering with Lo.Li. Pharma International and being an exclusive distributor of Deplesin®, you will bring an innovative product to your local market while increasing your net revenue in a smart way.

Get ready to win with Deplesin®

We care about your success and
we have the know-how to support you.

Nutraceuticals and medical devices

20+ years of experience commercializing scientifically supported nutraceuticals and medical devices in Italy

International partnerships

More than 55 active partners in more than 65 countries internationally

Worldwide leaders in inositol

Our company founder,
Dr. Vittorio Unfer, is considered the #1 worldwide expert in inositol research

Successful partnership

In the last 10 years we have launched 7 products from Lo.Li. and the total sales coming from these products represent approximately 20% of the total Exeltis Hungary turnover.


All their products are really innovative for medical problems for which pharmaceuticals are not always the best solution.

- Vera, General Manager


Let's talk!

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